- those spirits, faint and naked -

'Tis darkness all, or shadow of the flesh,
Or else it's poison.

- Dante Alighieri; The Divine Comedy

00:12"I am afraid to stay here alone, I have nothing except my body
— it glistens in the dark, a star with crossed hands,
so that I am scared to look at myself. Earth,
do not abandon me." — from The song - Czesław Miłosz

(Source: cerasiferae, via outdarethenight)

21:32 dantereader:

Doré’s Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto VI.
21:30 3wings:

Cut Orchids, 1980
Olivia Parker
21:22 venusmilk:

Max Klinger
21:13 doing this
21:09 zombienormal:

Abduction of Prometheus, Max Klinger, Jugend magazine, 1921.